5 Benefits Of Mobile Learning In Higher Education

5 benefits of mobile learning

In this blog, we are going to discuss 5 benefits of mobile learning in higher education, consider the key technologies involved, and then take a look at what the future holds for this innovative form of education.

Mobile learning (m-learning) has become quite a significant factor in higher education. Mobile devices such as netbooks, tablets, or smartphones have become ubiquitous in the institutions of higher education.

Nearly all students nowadays own mobile devices and about half of them own more than one. In addition, because these devices are highly personalized and collaborative communication tools, they provide the institutions of tertiary education with flexible tools for complementing the existing technologies and extending the learning beyond the classrooms and homes from remote places like train or bus stations where students do not have any access to computers.

1. On-the-go learning

The biggest advantage of mobile learning is the flexibility it offers for anytime-anywhere learning. Additionally, the flexibility in m-learning also involves learning to suit individual styles using audios, videos, podcasts, and other multimedia assets on mobile devices. The most obvious benefit of mobile learning is that you can do it remotely, which means it can take place anywhere. Universities offer m-learning programs so students can participate in distance learning, which enables them to fit studying around other commitments, like a job or family.

Students can access course content, take tests, and communicate with fellow students and tutors — all within the mobile app or online portal — without ever setting foot in a classroom.

2. Better collaboration

Mobile learning in education makes it easier for learners to engage and collaborate toward establishing a robust online learning community. This is one of the biggest advantages of mobile learning as the traditional process of learning often lacks any kind of collaboration among learners.

Mobile learning provides an educational path that’s easy for students to follow. With technology driving the programs, it’s easy to track progress through notifications, updates, and micro-lessons. This offers an enjoyable user experience, and, according to SHIFT eLearning, this form of learning promotes better knowledge retention than traditional methods.

3. Multi-device support

Today’s learners don’t just want courses that work on smartphones, tablets, and computers. They expect it. They’re used to finding the information they need when they need it—whether they’re at home, at the office, or on the go.

Creating multi-device e-learning is a great way to improve performance by expanding the reach of your training and empowering your learners to seek out the professional skills they’re lacking at the moment of need—just like they do in their personal lives.

4. Driving performance

The rapid growth of the mobile internet has also made educational institutes use mobile Learning as an innovative solution to meet their students’ learning needs and improve their performance.

Mobile devices can be used to deliver short, chunk-sized online training courses, consisting of videos and graphics. These short lessons can be designed in an extremely engaging way to facilitate just-in-time learning support.

5. Defined learning path

It’s crucial for your training goals to align with learners’ needs.
The popularity of mobile Learning platforms is also attributed to the continuous and personalized learning path they offer. Learners enjoy the convenience of course organizers and phone-based reminders integrated with the mobile Learning platforms they use. Further, they can get ongoing notifications and updates on new courses and recommendations, which they can check anywhere and anytime.


As we all know the COVID-19 pandemic is bringing mobile learning to the fore, as imposed school and workplace closures continue to create a significant shift in traditional education and training models., these are considerations about mobile learning many will have to keep in mind.

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